My JavaScript hasn't worked. :(


Append a BitTorrent magnet link to to get a redirect.

JavaScript is required.

Start at the infohash to see the info view without automatically redirecting.

Drop a torrent file or magnet link here to open its info view.

If you provide a torrent file, or if the magnet link parameters include an &xs= specifying a CORS-accessible torrent file URL and it is successfully fetched and verified, the details of the torrent will be displayed. You will also be able to download a new torrent file including only trackers and web seeds specified in the magnet link parameters.

For a small number of known torrents we may automatically add torrent file URLs, web seeds, and trackers, if they aren't already specified in the magnet parameters. For these torrents, it is possible to use the first six hex digits of their infohash as a info view shortcut.

You can open your browser developer console to inspect the data on these pages.

This can be your magnet: protocol handler if you want, but it's pretty under-featured.

This does not yet support BitTorrent v2 torrents.